What Medical Careers Require Healthcare Training

There are a great many careers in the medical field that require healthcare training. Here is a list of some of the more common healthcare jobs and a general job description of each.

  • Medical Assistant Technician
  • Phlebotomy & EKG Technician
  • Medical Coding & Billing Specialist
  • Certified Nurse Aide
  • Echo Technician
  • Ultrasound Technologist
  • Patient Care Technician

Medical Technician – Doctors require many assistants that require specific healthcare training. The medical technician performs pathological tests and handles lots of equipment used for diagnostics. The position may also be referred to as medical technologist, and if he only performs clinical pathology tests, he might be referred to as a laboratory technician. A medical technician is vital in the healthcare industry.

Phelebotomy/EKG Technicians – They draw blood, transports blood specimens, performs venipunctures, keeps venipuncture trays clean, and does urinalysis tests. Phlebotomy and EKG technicians also perform diagnostic tests to determine the heart rhythm and rate in patients who suffer from heart disease.

Medical Billing Specialists – They compile data taken by the medical coders and submit claims to insurance companies and then subsequently bill patients. Day-to-day responsibilities vary from location to location, but can involve many more duties such as verifying patient’s insurance coverage.

Certified Nursing Assistants – They help patients by helping with daily living needs and supporting personal hygiene; CNA’s provide comfort, transportation, vital sign monitoring, and a host of other responsibilities, including serving meals, feeding patients if necessary, and so on.

Echo TechniciansAlso known as echocardiographers or diagnostic medical sonographers, these healthcare professionals create images of internal organs by using special equipment. The images are used by physicians to diagnose illness. Echo Technicians often work in high-stress facilities.

Ultrasound Technologists – Ultrasound techs create diagnostic images of patients’ bodies utilizing sound waves. They are needed with a variety of specialties, and several certification options are available such as diagnostic cardiac sonography, vascular technology, and diagnostic medical sonography.

Patient Care Technicians – They work under the supervision of doctors and nurses and tend to injured and ill patients by collecting specimens, taking vital signs, performing catheterization and assisting patients with eating, grooming and personal hygiene.