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Sonography Program Overview
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Like other skilled medical professionals, diagnostic medical sonographers require strong communication skills and the ability to put patients at ease, as well as a high degree of technical knowledge. At the Healthcare Training Institute, our comprehensive approach sets us apart from other sonography schools NJ has to offer as we specialize in developing well-rounded professionals.

Our students receive hands-on training from highly qualified teachers, and through a combination of classroom learning and real world experience, HTI prepares graduates to enter the workforce as proficient sonographers. Our goal is to help all students succeed, and we provide the training, confidence and job placement help to launch your sonography career.

Enroll In Sonography School

Healthcare Training Institute provides skilled instructors with extensive real-world experience in the health technology field to help students graduate with the technical and personal skills that they need to succeed in an entry-level position. Our curriculum ranks high among the leading diagnostic medical sonography schools in NJ for introducing prepared graduates into the field.

This sonography training program is designed to prepare students with basic knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, sonophysics, basic principles of instrumentation, and imaging to recognize both normal and abnormal conditions through practice and theory. The objective of this sonography training program is to prepare the graduate to apply for entry-level diagnostic medical sonographer (abdominal, OB/GYN, or both) positions.

The diagnostic medical sonographer is trained to apply the necessary skill to assist a physician in this field of imaging. They are expected to find answers to diagnostic problems rather than merely looking at the organ’s image. This ability is requested and expected from the sonographer by physicians. The diagnostic medical sonographer can demonstrate knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, physics, nursing procedures, normal sonographic applications of abdominal and small parts, OB/GYN, case study protocol, writing, data entry, and filing in related areas.

Career Opportunities

The majority of diagnostic medical sonographers work in hospitals, while others are employed in physician’s offices, clinics, mobile and diagnostic labs, and other healthcare settings. The current demand for sonographers throughout the United States is high, and is expected to continue to increase in future years. The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) estimates that the medical sonography employment field is expected to grow 39% between 2012 and 2022. This growth rate is among the fastest for all healthcare jobs. It’s safe to say the job outlook for diagnostic medical sonography students is bright.

Program Outline
Module -I Medical Terminology 45
Module -II Anatomy & Physiology 120
Module -III Ultrasound Physics 180
Module -IV Abdominal & Small Parts 370
Module -V OB/GYN Sonography 370
Module -VI Vascular 250
Module -VII Patient Care Techniques 105
Module -VIII Clinical Externship 810
How To Apply

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