Healthcare Training Institute Admissions

Students may register for courses 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday and 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Fridays & Saturdays. Applicants can register by mail or in person as long as they bring the following required documents to the admission officer before class starts.

Admission Requirements/Procedures

  1. All students must be at least eighteen (18) year of age before the first day of class.
  2. Identification (driver’s license or birth certificate or passport or social security card)
  3. All students must have ONE of the following credentials; either High School Diploma or GED, or higher. Where some programs (DMS and CNA) require more credential(s) or document(s) to enter into that specific program at the HTI (please refer to Requirements).
  4. Original Foreign High School Documents must be translated into English and certified as the equivalent of high school diploma in United States by outside evaluating agency.
  5. Please read this table carefully:

    #ProgramCredential l Requirement(s)Documentation Requirement(s)
    1 Medical Billing /Coding Specialist High School Diploma or GED Not required
    3 Patient Care Technician High School Diploma or GED Not required
    4 Certified Nurse Aide High School Diploma or GED Required: 2 Step Mantoux PPD administered and read before the first day of class.
    5 Medical Assistant Technician High School Diploma or GED Not required
    6 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Required: High School Diploma or GED Required transcripts prior to concentration; College level Algebra, Statistics or higher mathematics course AND College level English or communications AND General college level physics and/or radiographic physics AND Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II.
  6. All individuals interested in attending the school are required to meet with an authorized representative of the institution for a personal interview. At that time, the enrolling student will complete all required forms, tour the facilities and pay the $25 application fee. The $75 registration fee will be paid once the applicant meets all prerequisites of the applicable program. The school will determine an applicant's eligibility on the basis of educational background and personal interview. All applicants must meet with Operations Manager for 2nd Interview after the initial interview with admissions rep. All DMS Applicants must be interviewed by DMS program Director before they are accepted into DMS program.

Late Admissions:

Students may be accepted for entrance into the new classes for a period of two-weeks following the start of all classes except for DMS class at the discretion of the School Director. Students, however,must make up the missed lessons with his/her instructor or an assigned instructor before next module start.

Advanced Status/Transfer Clocks (Credits) Hours from Others Agencies:

Healthcare Training Institute can accept previous educational clock hours (credits) from an accredited school or state approved institution or college towards an appropriate program after review by Healthcare Training Institute’s administrative staff. Previous educational training must meet Healthcare Training Institute’s course/program curriculum requirements, comparability, applicability, and prerequisites. Accordingly, a prospective student must request an official transcript be sent to the school before the start of the program. If the transcript is approved for the section(s) of course/program, the student will not need to attend the specific section(s) of course/program and the transferred credits will be converted into clock hours per formula one semester credit hour is equal to 45 units. The section(s) will be listed as transfer clock hours (TCH) only on the student transcript and the timeframe in which to complete the course will be shortened. Since these courses will not carry grades, they will not be included in the GPA calculation. These courses will only be applied toward graduation requirements. The transfer student can transfer maximum number of the credit hours to the current program from the other school or institution with a minimum of a C (2.0 GPA) or better for the transferable credits according to Transfer of Credits chart below.For example, if a transfer student wishes to attend the Medical Assistant Technician program of 900 clock hours at HTI, the student can transfer up to maximum of 165 clock hours provided they carry at least a 2.0 GPA. The additional 735 clock hours will be earned at HTI. Please refer to Transfer of Credits Chart for details. Additional documentation such as course descriptions, syllabi, and academic catalogs may be necessary to evaluate whether the transferred course is equivalent to the course(s) required for the completion of the current program.

Re-entry students will be awarded credit for prior successfully completed section of the student’s program, which must be documented by grade and attendance. However a HTI graduate can apply all credits of didactic section(s), earned at HTI, toward another program within five years from the date of completion, where the credits earned from hands- on need to be revaluated within two years after the date of completion in order to apply. Any credit earned over five years old must be evaluated through written exam.


Scale of conversion:
1 Clock Hour Didactic = 2 units
1 Clock Hour Externship = 1 units
1 Clock Hour Supervised Lab = 1.5 units
1 Clock Hour Outside Work = 0.5 units

Outside Work: Students are required to complete work outside of scheduled school hours. These assignments will include, but not limited to, the Project Presentation, Reading Assignments, research assignments, Portfolio, Flash card, writing Assignments, and Preparation for the Final Review, and SDMS Journal Case Studies. These assignments are mandatory and must be completed in a timely manner to meet the program objectives and received full credit for the course. . All outside classroom work will be assessed and graded as to complete course and program objectives.

Transfer of Clock Hours/Credits Chart

Maximum Transfer Credit Hours To Applied Program
Up to 18% (165 Clock Hours) Patient Care Technician (900 clock hours)

Up to 20% (165 Clock Hours)

Medical Assistant Technician (900 clock hours)
Up to 28% (191 clock hours) Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (660 clock hours)
Up to 25% (165ClockHours) Medical Billing Specialist (900 clock hours)
Note: Transfer credits do not apply to CNA and DMS programs.