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How To Become A Certified Medical Assistant in NJ

This blog post outlines the role that Medical Assistants play in healthcare organizations, as well as the growing demand for their skills. We discuss basic job description of Medical Assistants. their roles and responsibilities, (including administrative and clinical duties), and

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Medical Assistant Training Jobs to Skyrocket Under Affordable Care Act

One often ignored side-effect of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “Obama Care,” is that it will potentially create thousands of new jobs in the healthcare and supporting fields. The reason for this is actually

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Expanding Roles & Expanding Opportunities for Medical Assistants

Graduates of medical assistant schools in NJ and elsewhere are seeing their role in the healthcare continuum expand, which brings with it greater opportunities in a reimagined team-based view of healthcare. Many leaders in healthcare are seeing that medical assistants

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Medical Assistant Training in NJ as the Gateway to Health Care Industry Advancement

There is no doubt that becoming a medical assistant can provide a highly rewarding career with innumerable opportunities for career advancement and change as well as substantial financial rewards. For many people that desire to delve even deeper into what

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Back to School Time has Many College Grads Considering Trade Schools for Viable Career Paths

In today’s strained job market, many college graduates face an economy with high unemployment rates, increasing competition for jobs, and mounting debt from their college expenses. This has led an increasing number of graduates to take a look at trade

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Before Signing up for Medical Assistant Training in NJ, Assess your Career Compatibility

Although medical assistants will continue to be in high demand over the coming years, opportunity does not always equal personal compatibility. That is why before embarking on medical assistant training in NJ or elsewhere, prospective students should have a good

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