Important Resume Tips For Medical Trade Professionals

Healthcare Training Institute is strongly committed to the success of our students. If you attended a medical career school and you’re wondering how to put together a resume that’ll land you your first entry level job, this blog post will help.

To make things simple, there just some basic requirements in writing a resume that you should be aware of:

  • First and foremost, a resume must be in black ink and you can use white printing paper or off white/beige printing paper—no other colors are acceptable.
  • Second, if you want to use a border, it has to be a simple border without any designs and special effects because this is a professional document and you want the employer to take you seriously.
  • Thirdly, the heading is necessary with your name, city/state, and cell phone number. If you would like to put your full address and an alternative number, then that is fine too.

Please see the resume example below:

medical school resume

Does a Resume Require an Objective?

This question must be answered on an individual basis. If you are an entry level Patient Care Tech graduate with only externship experience, then an objective should be on your resume because the employer requires an idea of what type of opportunity you are seeking in your career.

If your professional experience includes medical assistant or medical billing and you want to continue on that career path, then you probably don’t need an objective. You just have to make sure that your qualifications/skills and education at Healthcare Training Institute is explained because they reflect your extended experience. If you want to depart from a particular industry that you have been working in for some years, then you need to explain what new direction you are taking in your career by having an objective.

How Much Information Is Too Much?

If you choose to keep an objective on your resume, then it must be short and to the point. For example, “To obtain a position where patient care and other related duties will be performed at a healthcare facility”. As far as job descriptions go, place more emphasis on the job experience that is most relatable to your ideal position. The only way to give more emphasis on a particular job experience is to add five to eight quality short phrases that best reflect what you did there. If you have your externship experience as your only medical experience, then it is important to thoroughly explain your duties and the type of healthcare facility—LTC, outpatient, hematology/oncology, pediatric, Family Practice, etc you worked in. The job experiences that are least important to you must have minimal bullets, but should explain what you did at that position. And, as you know, the name of the company, your job title, city/state, and the time frame worked (month/year – month/year) should be on your resume.

Qualifications & Skills On Your Resume

The Qualifications/Skills should entail any current certifications such as CPR Certified, OSHA Certified, or CMA as well as special skills, including Microsoft Office, Book keeping, fluency in a different language, or technical skills. Qualifications/Skills should not be adjectives describing you such as hard working, fast learning, smart. They want to know what capabilities you have that would benefit the firm such as “ability to work in a fast paced environment” or “ability to work individually and in a team environment”.

Your Previous Education

The education section should explain the school that you are currently enrolled in or past education you have completed. If you have obtained over 60 college credits but did not finish, then you can still put the name of the institution and put the number of credits obtained next to it along with the Major to show that you have some college education. If you obtained less than 60 credits, then you should not mention it at all because it shows that you haven’t taken enough core requirements.

Organization Is Critical

Now, you have to make sure all this information is well organized and the best way to do that is to obtain a resume template where you can input all your information. Keep in mind it shouldn’t be too fancy. You will be the judge of what resume best suits you and would be likeable by multiple employers.

We’ve included several examples of successful resumes below. Feel free to download these templates to get you started.

Resume Template #1
Resume Template #2

Hopefully this post was a great help to you. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me directly at