Delynette Deliz – Ultrasound Technologist

ultrasound graduate student
Name: Delynette Deliz
Program: Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technician
Graduation Date: 4/16/15
Delynette Deliz, Busy Mother of Two Achieves Her Dream Ultrasound Career

With two young children and a busy work schedule, many obstacles stood in Delynette’s way of working in the Ultrasound field.

“After I had my daughter I knew that I wanted to go back to school for a Career, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I sort of stumbled across Ultrasound and I am really glad that I did.”

Delynette needed to find a program that was accommodating of her work schedule and busy family life. “I was looking for a school that was not too far from my house. Union seemed like a pretty decent distance. The schedule HTI offered was good and fit into the schedule that I already had. I was also able to change my status from part time student to full time, which enabled me to finish at a more ideal pace,” says Delynette, who wished to start her career quickly.

Delynette enrolled in the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technologist program at Healthcare Training Institute and began the 2 year course. “The instructors at HTI definitely take pride in what they do. Mike was my Lab Assistant in the lab along with Dr. Mirza. Sometimes I would not have the energy to focus and concentrate while I was in lab and Mike would ask me if everything was ok. He always seemed genuinely concerned. Mike was always there to make sure my questions are answered and provide extra help. The lab is always open so unlimited practice was never a problem. While some students complained that some of the instructors were a bit hard on us, I feel as though everything that I learned from school I took with me into the field. I can see and hear Dr. Mirza in my head repeating the same things that I was learning while I am at work scanning patients.”

Through classes at HTI, Delynette discovered her love of Ultrasound.

“As I started classes and time passed, I developed such a passion for it. It felt really good to be able to scan organs in black and white and be able to distinguish normal anatomy from pathology. If I can finish school with two children, a husband and a job then anyone can do it. It just takes determination and the will to succeed. Time goes so fast and before you know it you will be done!”

After HTI, Delynette was able to successfully obtain employment. “I received job placement help after I finished. I was given weekly emails from the Career Center as well as looking for jobs on my own. It was a bit frustrating at first because I was very eager to work and I wasn’t getting any calls back. When I expressed my concerns with Joy, the school Administrator, she politely listed and reassured me that I would find something, and to keep trying to apply and stay focused. She called me personally to let me know of jobs that were available that she knew would hire new graduates. This made me feel a whole lot better. I didn’t feel like the school just took my money and didn’t care if I succeeded or not. They were actually trying to help me. Shortly after, I got hired with the help of the school.”

Delynette now works at an OB-GYN office, and has intentions to further her career.

“My life has changed since I finished school for the better. I do feel more disciplined in setting goals and getting them done. Going through school was a tough time as far as trying to balance everything without going crazy. I feel like getting through the tough times and being able to actually work and get hired has motivated me, making me truly believe that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to.”

Delynette’s experience at HTI adequately prepared for her Ultrasound job. “Everything that was taught in lab and classroom I use in the field. I actually learned a lot more than just textbook. During lecture Dr. Mirza would always have a story to go behind what he was teaching which made learning more enjoyable.”

Delynette says of her future goals, “As of today I work in an OB-GYN office. Currently I am studying for my specialty in OB. I plan on staying at this office for at least a year or two to build up my experience and in the future become employed in a Hospital.”

We are very proud of Delynette’s achievements and wish her best of luck and continued success in her Ultrasound career!