Certified Nurse Aide Training: How to Become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

To help others is a calling, becoming a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) is just one way to answer that calling. Those wonderful few who look to aid the sick, injured, and elderly need with kindness and consideration are truly a special breed. A certified nurse aide needs skills and dedication to effectively carry out their duties along with compassion and understanding. Recent years have witnessed an ever increasing demand for qualified CNAs. Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide is a rewarding career that will enrich your life.

Certified Nurse Aide Training
Once you have enrolled for Certified Nurse Aide Training expect to learn several interesting subjects including chemistry, biology, nutrition, infection control, and anatomy. You will also be instructed on basic nursing skills and safety. All of these subjects are designed to enhance your knowledge of the human body while preparing you to address the needs of people.

CNA Certification
Once you have completed the full course of Certified Nurse Aide training you will have to pass the CNA certification process. This requires a state test comprises of oral, written, and practical skills. While the oral and written tests are self explanatory, the practical portion is a little more involved. The practical exam places you in a random situation with a live “patient” to carry out a specific clinical task. Although, being nervous is natural, staying calm is key. The people grading the test are not only grading you on competency but on your ability to remain calm and in control. Everything that you learned in Certified Nurse Aide training has prepared for this test and for real life.

A Career
Once your Certified Nurse Aide training and certification process is finished you enter a world where you new career offers you endless possibilities. You are now officially qualified to work in hospitals and other medical facilities where you will successfully perform all of the duties required.

Regardless of economic standings, or advancements in technology, there will always be a need for health care workers. So, take a deep breath and take the first step to a more fulfilling future and start your certified Nurse Aide training today.