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Helpful Advice On How To Be A Successful Ultrasound Student & Sonographer

We interviewed a graduate of our ultrasound program, Georgette Campbell about her experience at Healthcare Training Institute. Now an experienced scanner, Georgette offered some great advice for potential students and those thinking about a career in the field of ultrasound!

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How To Start Your Sonography Career

Are you interested in becoming an Ultrasound Technologist, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, or Ultrasound Tech Sonographer? This blog posts discusses the steps you can take to start your career and apply for entry level employment. What Do Ultrasound Technologists or Sonographers

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How To Become an Ultrasound Technician in New Jersey

There are many ways to achieve your dream of becoming an Ultrasound Technician, or Ultrasound Technologist; however there is a minimum education prerequisite required depending on which institution you apply to. This blog post discusses the paths students can take

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The Changing Role of Ultrasound in Healthcare

The best ultrasound schools in NJ and around the country must be dedicated to keeping apprised of the changing role of ultrasound in healthcare. This is the best way to ensure that graduates are well prepared to be effective in

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How Choosing Among Ultrasound Schools in NJ Can Advance your Career in Ultrasound

While becoming an ultrasound technician can be a highly rewarding career, it takes hard work and dedication to succeed, which is true of any career in the burgeoning healthcare field. By carefully choosing among the best ultrasound schools in NJ,

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3 Important Things To Do To Prepare to Attend an Ultrasound Tech School

If you’ve decided to pursue a career as an ultrasound technician, you already know that it is a good career with good earning potential. Of course, like any career, it takes time and preparation in order to have the best

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