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ultrasound technician

Helpful Advice On How To Be A Successful Ultrasound Student & Sonographer

We interviewed a graduate of our ultrasound program, Georgette Campbell about her experience at Healthcare Training Institute. Now an experienced scanner, Georgette offered some great advice for potential students and those thinking about a career in the field of ultrasound!

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certified nurse aide exam

CNA Exam Practice Questions: How To Prepare For Your CNA Certification Test

You must complete a CNA training program and CNA certification exam before you can start work as a certified nursing assistant (in most states). Are you ready to take your CNA exam? The more prepared you are, the better your

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Patient Care Technicians

How To Start Your Career as A Patient Care Technician

What Do Patient Care Techs Do? Patient Care Technicians are part of the day-to-day bustle at busy hospitals, doctors’ offices and long-term care facilities. They play important roles in the lives of the patients they care for. Due to the

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How To Start Your Sonography Career

Are you interested in becoming an Ultrasound Technologist, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, or Ultrasound Tech Sonographer? This blog posts discusses the steps you can take to start your career and apply for entry level employment. What Do Ultrasound Technologists or Sonographers

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