Rosa Calvache – Medical Assistant Tech

Name: Rosa Calvache
Program: Medical Assistant Technician
Graduation Date: 4/2/2015

As a single mother with two children, ages 9 and 22, Rosa Calvache’s wish was to attend school and eventually get a better job to provide for her family. Unfortunately, she faced many roadblocks to achieving her goal.

“When my husband left 6 years ago, I was left with my two sons all alone. I was let go from my job and was collecting unemployment,” Rosa says. “I had every reason to believe I couldn’t do this.”

As Rosa did not want to depend on unemployment for monthly income long term, she opted for re-training. “A friend recommended the Healthcare Training Institute to me and I fell in love with the school when they gave me a tour,” says Rosa. But before she could enroll, her unemployment counselor required that she take ESL classes, even though Rosa felt confident in her English speaking abilities. “I was born in Ecuador so of course I have an accent,” Rosa explains, “But I still felt confident I could communicate.” Regardless, Rosa was determined to attend school so she agreed to her counselor’s request.

After completing the ESL classes, Rosa’s counselor then required she take a TAPE test, even though Rosa had obtained University level education in her country.

Rosa followed all of her unemployment counselor’s requirements, even though they were demanding. “They requested a lot of paperwork,” she explains. “Even after I sent in the requested series of letters, they asked for the same documents again. HTI was very understanding and helpful. For every letter requested, Joy (Administration Assistant) did not hesitate to assist me.” Rosa expresses her gratitude for HTI’s patience and efficiency. Joy even contacted her counselor directly on a weekly basis to ensure Rosa could attend school.

Although frustrated with how long the process was taking, Rosa did not give up her dream. Eventually she requested to speak with her caseworker’s supervisor, and her case was finally approved and she joined HTI, enrolling in the Medical Assistant Technician program.

“HTI was a great experience,” says Rosa. “Dr. Khan gave me a lot of confidence. The instructors were patient and made learning a very easy process. It was hard trying to provide for my family, make time for my sons and finish school at the same time, but it was worth it. If I had to I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Rosa goes on to say, “I received knowledge, practice, guidance, and correction when necessary from my instructors. While in school I met so many amazing people, everyone with different stories but ultimately the same dream, to graduate and get a job so they could help their children and families. The school provides a support system created by your classmates, instructors, and the staff! They want you to succeed as much as if it was for them, they really do push you in every area.”

Upon finishing her medical assistant technician curriculum, Rosa was then placed on externship in Dr. Quinones office, who gave her an excellent recommendation letter. After volunteering for a month in the offices of WIC (Woman, Infants, and Children) New Jersey Department of Health,Rosa presented her resume and recommendation letter and was hired.

Rosa Calvache


“July 6th I start my dream job, working for the state of New Jersey in the city of Plainfield,” Rosa says, with tears in her eyes. “I feel proud and happy to be able to give this gift to my parents. They were my biggest fans and I graduated because of them. This certificate is theirs as well, they earned it with me!”

Rosa fought so hard for her dream and her story is truly inspiring for those who wish to change their lives or start a new career path. Rosa’s persistence and dedication, combined with her determination to succeed proves that anything is possible.

“I would say find the one reason why you want, need, and have to hold on to your dream. I had many reasons but my main reason was inspiring my children.” She says. Of Rosa’s future goals, “I want to come back and study ultrasound. I would like to be self-employed with a mobile ultrasound company. A year ago this would have seemed impossible, but with everything I was able to accomplish, I have faith that anything is possible!”

Congratulations, Rosa. We are looking forward to your continued success!

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