Melissa Pizarro – Medical Billing & Coding

medical billing & coding graduate
Name: Melissa Pizarro
Program: Medical Billing & Coding Specialist
Graduation Date: 4/21/2015
Melissa Pizarro came to the US from Puerto Rico several years ago and wished to further her career.

“Since I only had 2 years of college back in Puerto Rico, I really wanted to continue my education but English was a big concern. I went to three different schools for ESL before I finally felt ready to start a career.”

Pizarro had always dreamed of working in the medical field and found what she was looking for at the Healthcare Training Institute, a medical career school in Union, NJ. Melissa enrolled in HTI’s accredited Medical Billing & Coding curriculum.

“I chose HTI as it is an accredited school. I wanted a school with proven accreditation.” says Pizarro.

Despite her initial hesitations as English is not her first language, Melissa Pizarro’s confidence soon soared at HTI. She states, “It was a great experience. The staff and instructors make you feel like they truly care about you and you’re worth investing their time. The staff helped megain the education I needed. After the course ended I wasn’t really 100% sure I was ready, but instructor Persaud allowed me to stay for some extra days until I felt confident enough.”

Melissa states that her school experience did not come without obstacles. “I faced many difficulties. As a mother of two, one 5 year old boy and one 8 year old girl, I started school at night but couldn’t manage the schedule so I had to switch to morning. Fortunately, HTI was very understanding about that and accommodating of my needs.”

She is enthusiastic about her success. “Despite all the factors against me I was able to succeed, so anyone can!”

After a year of Medical Billing & Coding classes, Melissa’s hard work paid off. “After my education at HTI I felt very confident and prepared to work in the healthcare field. After I finished school and obtained my desired certificate, I started working in a doctor’s office just a few weeks after graduating, which was definitely a big dream. I work for Dr. Kandasamy in Elizabeth, NJ a fantastic doctor with wonderful staff.”

Pizarro also is grateful for the job placement assistance she received from HTI. “Career Services helps you and advises you on how to behave in the medical field. You receive training in every aspect!I received assistance while working on my resume and guidance on how to conduct myself in an interview. Basic steps that are very important for a good first impression,” Pizarro says.

Melissa offers encouragement to those considering committing to health care training. “Don’t be afraid to jump on a good opportunity and obtain a quality education. If you WANT, you CAN.”

She says of her future, “I feel complete. I am happy where I am.My goal is to improve my skills everyday, and help the organization that I am a part of grow and expand.”

Healthcare Training has opened tremendous opportunities in Melissa’s life for both her and her family. “I can proudly set an example for my children that education is extremely important and that there is nothing that can stop you if you really want something,” she says.

For Melissa,hard work and dedication has paid off and she will continue to work in the health care system and do the job she truly loves.

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