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The Healthcare Training Institute is operated by Dr. Shehta D. Abudalal and by Dr. Bashir Mohammad, dedicated educators at all levels and co-founders of Healthcare Training Institute.

HTI understands that the primary reason students pursue an education is to improve their career prospects. It is our job to empower our students and provide the tools necessary for them to achieve their goals. Our highly experienced professional staff excel in teaching and training students for successful healthcare careers. They ensure all students are well-prepared to enter the workforce.

School Administration & Staff

Shehta Abudalal, MD. Administration Director
Bashir Mohammad, MD. Director of Education
Ms. Paula Caceres Career Service Department Associate Director
Mr. Paul Pittaro Career Service Department Director
Natalia Cordoso Assistant Lab Assistant
Mr. Aldwyn Cook Director of Admissions
Ms. Joy Crowley Manager
Ms. Melanie Robinson Admission Representative
Ms. Christine Mugnone Registrar
Ms. JoAnn Carlson DMS Program Director
Mr. Qazi M.Haq Bursar
Ms. Emily Valentin Financial Aid Director
Ms. Michelle Owens Ultrasound Clinical Coordinator
Mr. Deep Abudalal Assistant Librarian
Hwayda Hemald Librarian/Assistant Financial Aid Director
Mr. Mohammad Abudalal Assistant Registrar
Mr. Asaf Mohammad Administration Assistant
Ms. Erica Ronchetti Media Network Director
Ms. Diana Sanchez Receptionist
Ms. Gae Kramer Associate Ultrasound Clinical Coordinator

Senior Instructors

Name Subject
Dr. M. Mirza M.D. Ultrasound/ Physics / PCT/PAT/EKG/Phleb/MA
Dr. A. Gabr M.D. MA/MB/ PCT/MBCS/PAT/EKG/Phlebotomy/Rx
Mr. N. Helu RVT. Vascular Ultrasound Instructor
Ms. L. Radcliff-Allen RN. BSN Certified Nurse Aide
Ms. Antoinette Cook RN. BSN Certified Nurse Aide
Mr. C. Thorton RE. Echo Ultrasound/ Physics

Junior Instructors

Name Subject
Dr. Bushra Khan M.D. MA/MB/ Ultrasound/ Physics / PCT/PAT/EKG
Dr. Saad Hussain M.D. MA/MB/ PCT/PAT/EKG/Phlebotomy/Rx
Dr. Qureshi Azhar M.D. MA/MB/ PCT/MBCS/PAT/EKG/Phlebotomy/Rx
Dr. Shoukat Moin M.D. Ultrsound Physics/Vascular
Dr. E. Udensi M.D. MA/MB/PCT/MBCS/PAT/EKG/Phlebotomy/Rx
Dr. D. Nino M.D. Ultrasound/Physics/PCT/PAT/EKG/Phleb/MA
Dr. S, Edani M.D. MA/MB/PCT/PAT/EKG/Phlebotomy/Rx
Dr. T. Farag M.D. MA/MB/PCT/PAT/EKG/Phlebotomy/Rx
Dr. M. Basit M.D. MA/MB/PCT/PAT/EKG/Phlebotomy/Rx
Dr. N. Talperr M.D. Ultrasound/Physics/PCT/PAT/EKG/Phleb/MA
Dr. F. Bana DMS Ultrasound Lab Instructor

Medical Biller Instructors

Name Subject
Mr. R. Persaud CMB/MBC. Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Lab Assistants Instructors

Name Subject
Ms. G.Campell DMS. Lab Assistant
Mr. R. Payamps DMS. Lab Assistant