Career Services – Your Success Is Our Goal

What sets us apart from other medical career schools in NJ?

Our commitment to your success. Our goal is to help every student pursue a career in their field of study.

We strive to successfully place the majority of students relative to their field of study. Our relationships with multiple medical facilities prioritize our students for consideration of job opportunities.

Paula Caceres, Director Of Career Services
Paula Caceres, Director Of Career Services

Our Commitment To Your Success

We maintain a strong relationship with our students to reach our goal in ensuring that they are productive, ethical and creative in the workforce. We assist our students and graduates individually, providing career guidance and one-on-one training when necessary to ensure their success in the healthcare field.

Health & Career Fairs

Healthcare Training Institute is fully committed to providing our students with the knowledge and resources necessary to obtain externship and employment opportunities relative to their field of study. We introduce Health/Career Fairs and other networking events sponsored by other companies. There are frequent classroom visits regarding such events and other information such as resume preparation, job search strategies and guidance with job interviewing techniques for our students to take advantage of.

Job Market Requirements

Most importantly, we make you aware of new requirements and data that reflect the current job market in the healthcare field. Once a graduate, you will be aware of job opportunities and can expect us to arrange job interviews. Our goal is for you to eventually find an entry-level position in a medical facility where you will be employed alongside medical professionals in the treatment and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical/mental impairments. You will serve as a reliable source in the most demanding field—Healthcare.

We collaborate with graduates to ensure there is a smooth transition from classroom training to the hands-on training at your externship site.

Please note: Healthcare Training Institute does not guarantee employment. This will depend on each graduate’s effort and ability, as well as the current job market. We understand that many challenges hinder students from making a full time commitment at school, including but not limited to, restricted geographically region , childcare, transportation, and family circumstances but we are still committed to assisting students achieve placement as long as it takes.

Healthcare Training Institute has placed many successful graduates in their respective fields.

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