patient care tech success

Miaya Stephen – Patient Care Technician

Name: Miaya Stephen Program: Patient Care Technician Patient Care Technician Success Story I chose the Patient Care Technician program because I already had Patient Care experience and I wanted to utilize and strengthen my previously acquired knowledge. I heard about the school from
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medical assistant success story

Giovanna Paiva – Medical Assistant

Name: Giovanna Paiva Program: Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Technician Success Story My name is Giovanna Paiva and I graduated from Healthcare Training Institute as a medical assistant technician. As soon as I graduated high school I decided to focus mainly on working,
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ultrasound technologist

Lilia Chatonda – Ultrasound Technologist

Name: Lilia Chatonda Program: Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technician I am a graduate of Healthcare Training Institute. I took the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technician program. Today I would like to share my journey with you. I came to the United States many years
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ultrasound graduate student

Delynette Deliz – Ultrasound Technologist

Name: Delynette Deliz Program: Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technician Graduation Date: 4/16/15 Delynette Deliz, Busy Mother of Two Achieves Her Dream Ultrasound Career With two young children and a busy work schedule, many obstacles stood in Delynette’s way of working in
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Jessica Mackin – Ultrasound Technologist

Name: Jessica Mackin Program: Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technician Graduation Date: 9/8/14 Jessica Mackin’s Inspiring Journey: An Unexpected Career Change Leads To Finding True Passion in The Ultrasound Field Jessica Mackin, age 24, always had her heart set on becoming a psychologist. Certain that was
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Rosa Calvache – Medical Assistant Tech

Name: Rosa Calvache Program: Medical Assistant Technician Graduation Date: 4/2/2015 As a single mother with two children, ages 9 and 22, Rosa Calvache’s wish was to attend school and eventually get a better job to provide for her family. Unfortunately, she faced many
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Patient Care Tech graduate

Faheema Artis

Meet our successful PCT student Faheema Artis! She’s now working for American Women’s Services and performing patient care duties.

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medical billing & coding graduate

Melissa Pizarro – Medical Billing & Coding

Name: Melissa Pizarro Program: Medical Billing & Coding Specialist Graduation Date: 4/21/2015 Melissa Pizarro came to the US from Puerto Rico several years ago and wished to further her career. “Since I only had 2 years of college back in Puerto Rico,
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Ultrasound school graduate

Alexia Kopias

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Marlene Novais

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